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Chhota Bheem Aur ChhalChhaaya Full Movie Download in Hindi In HD In 720p


SYNOPSIS :- Chhota Bheem Meet Dhuni Baba at the spot where magical portal opens and King Vyom Comes from it.Chhalchhaya, a magician stoles the magic wand of King Vyom from another Lok and refuses to return. Angry Vyom is about to destroy the earth but Bheem requests him to forgive them for ChhalChhaaya's mistake. King Vyom gives them time till evening so that they can return his Wand. King Vyom returns. Bheem gets to know about Chhachhaaya, why he has stolen the Wand. He visits Kaal on saying of Dhuni Baba who knows the answer of every question. Bheem takes information about chhalchhaaya and his plan. Bheem chases Chhalchhaaya but unable to take the Magic Wand. King Vyom returns, after seeing no success He gives Bheem power of four natural elements through which Bheem defeats Chhalchhaaya and return the magic Wand to King Vyom


NAME                            :- Chhota Bheem Aur      ChhalChhaaya

RELEASE YEAR          :- 2014


GENRE                           :- Animation, Adventure

LANGUAGE                  :- Hindi

QUALITY                       :- 720P

SIZE                                :- 550 MB

DIRECTOR                     :- Rajiv Chilka

DURATION                     :- 70 Min

Chhota Bheem and ChalChaaya Full Movie in Hindi In 720P



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Seeing a nightmare during day , Dhuni Baba gets worried about the Bheem and his friends . Dhuni Baba sets out to find Bheem who is preparing for Janmashatami festival with his friends . Dhuni Baba soon finds out Bheem and tell about his bad Nightmare and take him to the forest place which was seen in dream. Soon they king Vyom appears from another LOK through a gateway made between two trees. King Vyom magic wand is stolen by A notorious magician Chhalchhaya who refuses to return the magical wand and makes king Vyom angry. King Vyom uses his power and set a missile to destroy the earth. Bheem requests King Vyom to forgive them for the mistake of Chhalchhaaya. Bheem promises him to return his magical wand. King Vyom gives Bheem relief after giving the time till evening to return his wand. King Vyom returns to his LOK in hope of getting his wand till evening.

Bheem requests Dhuni Baba to find out where is Chhalchhaaya now. Dhuni Baba tries to find out but due to his powers more strong can not trace him down. Dhuni Baba tells Bheem that there is only one who can tell him everything he want i.e. ‘KAAL’ but Dhuni Baba don’t know where he is? Bheem said Dhuni Baba to go Dholakpur and find someone who can help them. Bheem got an idea and asks jaggu to ask the birds if they know about ‘KAAL’ anything. Jaggu talks with them and the large group of birds came and fly Bheem and his friends to the location of ‘KAAL’. ‘KAAL’ was none other than personified water who knows everything about everyone. Bheem asks him gently and he gets to know that Chhalchhaaya wants to go the AntarLok using Vyom wand and he needs one more thing i.e. ‘SHANKH’.

Bheem asks ‘KAAL’ about the location of Shankh, Kaal tells them about a cave where a map is hidden in which location of Shankh is mentioned. Bheem gets there before Chhalchhaaya and get that map but at Chhalchhaaya arrival, He escapes and take the map with him and trapping Bheem with his friends in a cave. However Bheem reached at the location of Shankh first but Chhalchhaaya also took.

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