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Chhota Bheem and The Curse Of Damyaan Full Movie Download In Hindi In Hd in 720p


SYNOPSIS :-  Dholakpur is under a big threat as Damyaan's minister Skandi is heading towards Dholakpur to make friendship with Indraverman in order to release his King Damyaan. Skandi reaches Dholakpur and agrees Indraverma to go on founding treasure that is under the Sonapur kingdom. Indraverma with his convoy taking Bheem and his friends with them starts his journey. After retrieving the kingdom, Skandi tells Indraverma the way to treasure. But Indraverma release the Damyaan from his Prison.

Skadi and his soldiers capture Bheem and all his friends and youth them behind the bars. Bheem releases himself and his friends with King and Princess. Bheem asks King Indraverma to return with Dholakpur while he will come after finishing Damyaan. Bheem travelled to Sonapur to stop the Damyaan from being Immortal. During this, they learned the magic by Guru Shambu.


NAME                            :- Chhota Bheem and Curse Of Damyaan

RELEASE YEAR          :- May 18, 2012


DIRECTOR                    :-  Rajiv Chilka

GENRE                           :- Action, Adventure, Comedy

LANGUAGE                  :- Hindi

SIZE                               :- 300 MB

QUALITY                      :-  720P

RUNNING TIME          :- 90 min

Chhota Bheem And Curse Of Damyaan Full Movie In Hindi In 720P



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    The evil king Damyaan sent his servants to find a man who is pure and strong of heart who can release him. After searching for many peoples Skandi (Damyaan's Minister) chooses Dholakpur king Indravarma to release Damyaan. In order to meet Indravarma, he and his shapedhifting soldiers attack the merchant who was supplying thr Gold and precious things to the King's Palace. Later many hours, the merchant did not reach Palace makes rhe king worries and he calls Bheem to look into this matter. As Bheem reaches Palace just after him, Skandi reaches Dholakpur and meets the Indravarma and give the Gold, precious Diamond, Flying Met and Threat telling mirror which impresses Indravarma and he become attached with Skandi as friend. Bheem was not feeling right things about the Skandi before he tells anything to Indravarma, Skandi tells the King about the Hidden treasure in Sonapur as the State's Wealth was decreasing. Indravarma greeds for that and asks where it is. Skandi shows a Map which tells the way to Treasure. King sets to the Hiddem Treasure with a Convoy consits of Skandi and his soldiers, Bheem and his friends, King and his Soldiers.

     The work Started to found the treasure, within some days they found the Damyaan Castle where he was Trapped. King Indravarma releases him in greed and then Damyaan captured Bheem and King and all his friends. Bheem manages to escape with his friends and go to meet Santrik who tells about the Damyaan last night before the Damyaan's Freedom. 

    The Santrik being a magician, sent the Bheem and his friends in the past Sonapur. During the entry in Sonapur Bheem has a fight with Kaalsainiks ( Henchmen of Skandi) and Dholu & Bholu are turned into Frogs. They wears the clothes of Kaalsainiks and start finding the Book of Magi which Santrik told them. But at the arrival of real Kaalsainiks Bheem has to fight with them and a Sweet seller name Gulabchand saves them taking to his Master Guru Shambu.
    Bheem was injured during the fight and gain unconsciousness, After regaining his health he sees Dholu and Bholu are back to Normal. Guru Shambu teach them about the Magic in a class and give them special powers like, Bheem an hymn to destroy the power of enemy, Kaalia became invisible, Raju gets a bow whose aim always hits, Chutki gets the Branch of trees, Jaggu gets a bunch of Endless bananas and Dholu Bholu gets power to multiply them. 

    Bheem with all his friends, went to Damyaan Castle and they have to obtain the rings in which Damyaan captures the Souls that gives power to Damyaan through the process called Kaalkriya. Damyaan has created two rings, Bheem gets the first ring but due to Kaalia's foolishness they got trapped during the second ring achievement. 

    On gaining consciousness Bheem see that hus friends are captured by Kaalsainik. Bheem birthday is within an hour so Damyaan wants to gift the dead bodies of Bheem friends to him on his birthday. 
    Seeing the dying situation, Bheem starts his Hymn and gets released and gained power and he fights with Damyaan. Bheem's friends defeats the Kaalsainiks but Skandi escapes. Bheem challenges Damyaan to fight without Magic and Damyaan turns into real form Naag but Bheem kills him. 

    After the freedom of Sonapur, Guru Shambu becomes the present Chief of Sonapur and offers Bheem to be Sonapur Next King but Bheem refuses as he belongs to Dholakpur.

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