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Chhota Bheem Himalayan Adventure Full Movie Download in Hindi In HD In 720p & 1080p


SYNOPSIS :- Bheem and his friends with Indumati go on a trip to Manali with their convoy but the soldiers of Manali refuses to give them entrance due to a attack some days before their arrival. A soldier named Dheeru send him to his father's house so that they can travel Manali places. Sardar Negi, father of Dheeru teaches them to Skiing and many Ice activities. On the other side, Dheeru is injured in a battle with Hidimbak and Hidimabk broke his leg so that he can never Skiing. This makes Sardar Negi aggressive. During night when all were asleep Sardar Negi sets out to find and kill Hidimbak bur he was drowned in freezes Ice river. However Bheem comes there and save Sardar Negi. Bheem requests to help him to defeat and capturing Hidimbak while has broken his friend's leg. They soon climb on an Mountain restaurant where Hidimbak arrives daily for his fun and rest. Bheem with Sardar Negi attack them, before Hidimbak can be captured, Manali soldiers arrived and Hidimbak escapes leaving behind his companion Ghatoo. Ghatoo tells every detail of Hidimbak and the cave where Hidimbak has hidden his stolen treasure. Bheem chases Hidimbak and defeats him.


NAME                             :-  Chhota Bheem and Himalyan                                                   Adventure

RELEASE YEAR           :-  Jan 8, 2016


QUALITY                      :-  720P

SIZE                               :-  850 MB

LANGUAGE                :-  Hindi

DIRECTOR                  :-  Rajiv Chilka

RUNNING TIME         :-  96 Min

GENRE                         :-  Animation, Adventure

Chhota Bheem And Himalayan Adventure Complete Movie In HD in Hindi In 720P & 1080P

[Himalyan Adventure]


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    Movie starts with a village looted by evil Hidimbak and his companions in Manali . During at night , Princess Indumati and Bheem make a trip to Manali . A convoy is sent by king Indraverma to Manali to send Bheem , Indumati and his friend to Manali. Just night before the arrival of Bheem , Evil Hidimbak with his company steal tha treasure and the kingdom precious Emblem wand and beats up the soldiers of Manali Kingdom. 

    At Bheem arrival, Manali,s soldier refuses them to enter the kingdom because of the attack by Hidimbak. No one outsider is not allowed in the kingdom but a soldier named dheeru gives them an alternate option to visit the Manali and tells them the way upon reaching the village dheeru told they saw the village is raided by Hidimbak and stealing money. Bheem fights with Hidimbak but Hidimbak manages to escape as Manali soldiers arrived there Bheem and his friends are visiting different places in Manali . Kaalia rides a ice riding motorcycle but he fails to control it and Bheem chases him to save him but he is saved by Sardar Negi, father of dheeru . 

    Hidimbak again raided kingdom treasure to teach king a lesson on the other side , Sardar Negi teaches Bheem and friends how to skiing . Slowly- Slowly they have learned skiing .
    King meets with the ministers and talk about the Hidimbak. He ordered to formed a group of best in skiing and tells them to attack Hidimbak King's minister forms an army in which Dheeru was also included . The army departed to capture the Hidimbak. While chasing them ,Dheeru confronts Hidimbak and fights with him but Hidimbak broke his leg so that he can not do skiing anymore. 
    While Skiing, Ramu informs Sarar Negi about the soon Dheeru and his broken leg . Dheeru told about Hidimbak. Seeking Revenge ,Sardar Negi sets out the mid-night when all were sleeping. However Bheem wakes up and chases Sardar Negi . While going on his way Sardar Negi drowned in freezed river as Bheem was chasing Sardar Negi he saves him from drowning and takes him out . He and especially talks to Sardar Negi and requests him to help in capturing Hidimbak . 

    Bheem and his friends with Sardar Negi takes some special training and sets out and planned to get Hidimbak. Bheem fight Hidimbak but his companion Ghatoo is left behind as his leg gets hurted and Hidimbak escapes . 

    Ghatoo realised his mistake and tells the plan of Hidimbak and his living place . Bheem and his friends set out for Hidimbak where he has kept the looted treasure in a cave . Reaching at cave ,Bheem see Hidimbak is trying to escape so Bheem , Raju , Kaalia , Sardar Negi chases Hidimbak while Chutki , Jaggu and princess chases the treasure . They all got the treasure . Bheem is behind Hidimbak and gets trapped on a mountain where he finally defeats Hidimbak.
    Manali is free from Hidimbak and all is fine with Bheem friends.

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