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Doraemon Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet Full Movie Download In Hindi in 720P, 1080P

Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet Images in 720P
Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet Movie In Hindi

SYNOPSIS :- Doraemon with Nobita finds out a new Planet where he meets Roppuru and Morina. Soon Nobita with Shizuka, Suneo and Gian comes to play on that planet and become friends of Roppuru and Morina.


NAME                            :-  Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet

RELEASE YEAR           :-  Sep, 2015

AIRED TV CHANNEL :-  Hungama & Disney

GENRE                           :-  Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction

LANGUAGE                  :-  Hindi

SIZE                                :-  425 MB

QUALITY                       :-  720P, 1080P

RUNNING TIME          :-  1 Hour 42 Min
Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet Images in 720P
Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet Movie In Hindi

Doraemon The Movie Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet In Hindi In Hd In 720P


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Two siblings named Roppuru and Morina were playing at a park. Suddenly, they feel an earthquake on the Koya Koya Planet. The massive earthquake was destroying the entire planet. Everyone has to escape using a giant ship; however, a sudden bolt of lightning damages. The Professor (Morina's father) wants to fix the spaceship, but before he can, another lightning strike takes him to another dimension.

Nobita and his friends lose a ball and must retrieve it from a group of tough baseball players. These players chase him and drop Nobita down a manhole.

Meanwhile, two creatures from the alternate universe, Roppuru and Chamii, escape from an enemy ship. While Nobita is sleeping, he suddenly feels an earthquake-like tremble underneath him. A little rabbit from the alternate universe named Chamii opens the door between dimensions using a hammer. Nobita wakes up, while Doraemon hears somebody stealing food from the fridge. This leads Chamii to be caught by Doraemon and Nobita. She shows them the passageway leading through Nobita's floor into the spaceship. After they enter the spaceship, they see Koya Koya Planet and meet Roppuru (12 years old).

Roppuru takes Nobita to his friend Morina, who ignores them. On the next visit, Nobita brings his friends with him and they play in a meadow. There they are attacked by miners who want crystals from the planet's crust. All of them escape to their own dimension.

The next day, Nobita is scolded by his mother for hiding his test paper. Nobita decides to temporarily escape to Koya Koya planet and meet Roppuru. Nobita is then sucked into another dimension and reaches another planet. There he gets chased by a spaceship, only to be saved by one of Doraemon's gadgets.

On the next visit, Nobita and Doraemon encounter the same miners and get into a fight again. The miners are defeated along with their ship. Roppuru tells the town's people about Doraemon and Nobita, but the miners took the ship, so they had no evidence to prove Nobita's efforts. The miners continue to return whilst Doraemon and Nobita save them every time. This causes the miners' leader to know about Doraemon and Nobita, devising a trap to catch them and ultimately decides to take care of them himself.

The leader questions Morina and is forced to lead him to Nobita and Doraemon through a secret passage. The leader attaches a bomb to the dimensional door such that anyone who opens it will be blasted away. The people of Koya Koya planet are told to leave the planet as the leaders plan to blast it. Roppuru enters the dimensional door and is blasted away. However, he is saved by Chamii and leaves for the mining resort.

On the other side, Nobita's mother orders him to study hard and she calls Doraemon to keep an eye on Nobita. The dimensional door suddenly opens and Chammi tells Nobita that Koya Koya is in trouble.

Nobita and Doraemon get through the door while Shizuka runs away to call Gian and Suneo. Doraemon and Nobita fight with the Miner's robot and ultimately reach the leader. The button for destruction is pressed and the leader flees away. Doraemon, Nobita, Roppuru, and Morina use the robotic machine to take the destructive device away from the planet into space, where it explodes. Due to some dimensional distortion, Morina enters another dimension and finds her father. The rest of them are able to return to their home.

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