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Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Janhoom Full Movie Download In Hindi in 720P, 1080P

Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom Images In HD
Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom Full Movie In 720p

SYNOPSIS :-  Doraemon on Nobita's wish turns the world into Magic world but they are trapped by thr dark magicians and they have to figured out this problem. Nobita with Doraemon, Suneo, Shizuka and Gian and Miyoko [A perfect Magician] sets out on adventurous Journey.


NAME                            :-  Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom

RELEASE YEAR          :-

AIRED TV CHANNEL :-  Disney & Hungama

GENRE                          :-  Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction

LANGUAGE                 :-  Hindi Dubbed

SIZE                               :-  442 MB

QUALITY                      :-  720P

RUNNING TIME          :-  01 Hour 45 Min

Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom Images In HD
Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom Full Movie In 720p

Doraemon The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom In Hindi In Hd In 720P


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The story begins with Professor Mangetsu, a Japanese astrophysicist and his daughter, Miyoko, are informed and startled about the approach of a giant black hole that previously destroyed the space probe Voyager 5. It is confirmed that this black hole will completely destroy Earth and its inhabitants.

Frustrated by the multitude of problems at school and at home, Nobita wonders if his life would be easier if magic really existed. He then asks Doraemon for his what-if-telephone-booth gadget which allows both to go to a parallel world where magic is ordinary to all.

However, Doraemon tells that magic is just a superstition and there is no way such world could be created. At the same time when they re-enter their room, a life-sized statue of Doraemon fell down from the sky, which surprise them both. As they fix the problem, Gian and Suneo call them, finding another statue of Nobita out on the field. Doraemon and Nobita are confused and choose to leave these statues in their backyard. In the night, the family is surprised when the statues appear inside of the house, in another position. Doraemon and Nobita do not have time to find out the truth, so they simply put the statues in Doraemon's magic pocket. At midnight, Doraemon suddenly gets a stomachache and rushes to the 22nd century to check, where his pain stops and he denies to have a scan through to detect the problem. He returns to the 21st century, where Nobita tells him that they can use the "What if" Telephone Booth to materialize a Magic World. This allows them both to go to a parallel world where magic is ordinary to all. There, they find out that a demonic planet is approaching and threatens the lives of everyone over there.

Yet, even though the world is filled with magic, Nobita discovers that they still cannot use magic, since magic, just like science, is something they need to learn. He is bored again, and wants to return to the normal world. But, because Gian and Suneo tease him on his disability of riding a broom, he is motivated and starts magic training. While learning Nobita and Doraemon make Shizuka's skirt fly up accidentally but keep repeating it to see Shizuka in her underwear getting[check spelling] upskirt. When they finish training, the group see a falling object coming down to Earth. They fly there to examine the crash site, where they meet Miyoko, who is a high-class magic user and who saves them from the attack of a demonic monkey. She leads them back to her house, where her father reveals the approach of the Magic Planet, which will destroy Earth very soon. He also reveals the secret of Miyoko's mom, who had struck a deal with the Demon King to save Miyoko from a deadly disease. The only way to save Earth, according to Professor Mangetsu, is noted in the tome of magic, written by Nirnaeth, a man who borrowed powers from the Moon, and hidden somewhere on Earth.

Satisfied of what he has achieved, Nobita wishes to go back to the normal world. But as they arrive home, they find the Booth has been dumped by their mom and is broken. The two get into a quarrel. Later, an earthquake occurs and as the news is telecast, Doraemon and Nobita head to Miyoko's home, where they save Miyoko from being killed by a dragon. Miyoko then reveals that her father has been taken to the Magic Planet, and she escaped due to luck, and asks for help from Doraemon and Nobita to save her father. Eventually, she decides leaves alone as she does not want to endanger her friends.

As natural disasters occur more and more, Doraemon's group decide to help Miyoko to find the tome to defeat the demons while again flying Shizuka's dress upward to reveal her in underwear. However, when they find the tome, Miyoko attacks at Gian to get the tome, and removes her disguise and shows herself as Medusa, a demoness under control of the Demon King. She cannot reach the tome under protection of the anti-demon power source, so she has takes advantage of Doraemon's group to help her take the secret paper. She forms a glacier, trying to kill the group by locking them in the ice. But, the group escapes. They find that the tome was actually divided into two halves, which provides them a chance to save Earth. At the same time, they find Miyoko in the appearance of a mouse, whose curse is lifted under the light of the moon. As Doraemon is afraid of mice, the group casts a different spell to turn Miyoko into a cat, as their power cannot lift the curse. United, they then go to the Magic Planet to defeat the Demon King and rescue Miyoko's father.

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